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7 Stunning Wedding Website Templates

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Are you just engaged and looking for the most beautiful template for your wedding website and you're out of ideas?

Stunning Wedding Website Templates

We have selected for you our 7 most popular wedding website templates examples that might spark your imagination and make your decision easier.

While there is many website builders to create your wedding website, to make it easier we choose just Wix Platform as we think it's the best and easiest platform to edit your favorite templates.

As the hub for everything to do with your special day, your wedding website will help you in the preparations leading up to your special day. You can use your site to send out invites, receive RSVPs, manage your guest list, show event important information, answer your guests FAQ and share the memories with loved ones after the wedding.

wix wedding website template

The traditional paper wedding invite comes to digital life in this timeless template. With a floral, romantic feel that strays far away from kitsch, beautiful website with just a touch of a modern twist.

wix wedding website

Another romantic Wix website wedding template in black and white style. Classic Wedding Design. You’ll be able to provide your loved ones with all the important details - from the time and place of the wedding, to the location and accommodation - complete with a FAQ and a gift registry.

wix weding website

This template is ideal for the sophisticated and elegant couple. With a website color scheme of pale blush and white, it applies a subtle botanical theme throughout your event website.

wix wedding website

Invite family, friends and loved ones to your special day with a full-screen photo of your engagement, plus big bold letters letting everyone know that you’re tying the knot.

wix wedding template

With text gently sliding into view via web animations and a geometrical layout that splits the screen up into sections, this template is in line with all of the latest website design trends.

wix website templates

This bright and beachy wedding website is perfect, especially if your wedding is away from home. It includes a GIF that flashes the words “Yes, I do” in the same orange font as the headings to create a cohesive engaging experience.

wix website templates

Take guests on an adventure on your wedding website with a plethora of doodles, patterns and bright sunny colors. This playful template is made up of horizontal strips, each providing a different type of information - from a full screen couple photo, to the time and place of the event, the gift registry and more.

Hope we could help you! :)

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