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How to find the right Website Template that suits you the best!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

This article will help you find the best Wix Website Template that fits your needs.

How to find the right Website Template

Many people nowadays, when creating websites, prefer choosing a website templates and editing it over creating custom websites - which makes sense because it is much cheaper and instead of looking for a professional web designer, you can edit the template yourself quickly and easily without any significant effort.

On the other hand, what can cause you a problem is finding the right website template for your business among the thousands that are offered on the Internet. Believe me, at the beginning of my career, when I was working mainly with website templates, I spent hours before I found the right one. And time is what? Time is money :)

In this article, I will save your precious time and show you step by step how to find The Best Wix Website Template for you.

Tip #1 - Make it clear. What type of website do you want to build?

Before you start choosing a Wix Website Template, decide What Type Of Website you actually want to create and What Is The Main Purpose and Goal Of Your Website? By setting a goal, you will facilitate both the selection of templates and its entire creation. There are different types of websites and their purpose. It can be an online store where the main goal is to increase sales of a product, from a brick-and-mortar store or a simple portfolio where your goal is to present your work. Here are the categories that will help you clarify what type of website you need and what your goals are.

Most Common Types of Websites:

  • E-Commerce website

  • Business website

  • Blog website

  • Portfolio website

  • Event website

  • Personal website

  • Membership website

  • Nonprofit website

What's the Purpose of Your Website:

  • To sell products and/or services

  • Lead generation

  • Educational

  • Information

  • Entertainment

  • Service

  • Presentation

  • Connection

Example: I am a Food Blogger and I want to create a website. The type of website will be Blog website and purpose is to educate or inform the visitor about current events or specialized knowledge.

Wix Blog Templates

Tip #2 - Do some research on your competitors

You can gain insight into creating a successful website design by looking at your competition. In order to create a website design for each of my clients, one of my requests is to send me the website links of their competitors which website they like so that I can create a picture of how their websites should look and what features they should have.

"Conducting thorough competitor research makes sure a proper digital strategy is put in place to make your web design stand out from the crowd." – Digital Marketing specialist

Tip #3 - Search for your website template in different places

Many people do not know that nowadays you can find your dream web templates not only on official Wix website but also on various marketplaces, search engines and business websites.

Here are my personal TOP 5 places to find your Wix Templates:

On the official Wix website you can find over 800 free designer-made templates. They cover all types of websites, from a recipe blog to a wedding event site, and from a car mechanic business to a consultancy and so much more. So if you look for a Free Wix Templates you can always find some on their website.

wix templates free

Another popular place that many of you know but don't know is that you can find and buy other Wix templates that you definitely won't find on the official Wix website is Google Shopping Search Engine. Simply open your Google browser, enter wix website templates (or you can be more specific and use the exact wix templates you are looking for), press search and then go to the shopping section.

google wix templates

A very popular marketplace now where you can buy wix templates is Etsy Market. Etsy, Inc. is an American e-commerce company focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. Nowadays thousands of people selling digital products including website templates for different web building platforms like Wix. Here I would be more careful when choosing. Before buying a template, look at the seller and their reviews.

etsy wix templates

Similar to Etsy, Creative Market is an online marketplace. This time for community-generated design assets. The company sells graphics, WordPress themes, stock photography, and other digital goods for use by web creatives.

wix website theme

And for the pickiest of you who want to treat yourself to a little more luxury and buy premium Wix templates created by professionals who are official Wix partners, you can find these premium Wix themes on business sites like These templates are SEO friendly, mobile ready and customized to take your business a little further. If you don't feel confident enough to edit all the templates or simply don't have the time. These sites offer a FULL SET UP of your templates to tailor-fit your business or brand.

wix templates

Tip #4 - Don't be limited by the template name or category

Never feel limited by the template name or category. Another way you can choose a template is simply just by finding a design you like. Since every template is fully customizable, it’s okay if the content isn’t an exact match for your website type. Think about the website look, design and feel, if you want for your website be bold, simple, elegant or for example playful and then browse different categories to find one that fits the style you have in your mind.

wix website templates

Christina Val Wix Template - Before and After editing.

Last tip at the end! Choose 3-5 of your most popular Wix templates, line them up next to each other and finally choose the best one.

Don't forget that you can always customize your template and add different segments from other templates that you like.

Have more questions about choosing a template? Or do you need professional help setting up your template? Do not hesitate to contact us! You can always Hire a Wix Web Designer.

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